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Saint Antoine de Padoue

Krapje Đol

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In a deed of gift from 1368 on donating the property Ratolečice, located between the brook Sunja and the Sava river, then owned by the nobel Belinjan, the Krapje pit is stated as one of the boundaries of the property. This is the first written mention of toponyms Krapje. It is assumed that the settlement - village was built just after the Turkish withdrawal from Kraljeva Velika after 1691 and that during the main wave of immigration to this area in period from 1692 to 1720. Krapje is richly with traditional Posavina houses, built by horizontally layering oak-tree planks, put together by wooden pegs, represent the climax of Croatian rural folk architecture in wood. The picturesqueness of the houses is accentuated by the covered outside staircases, the archaic porches, the protective small roofs and the richly decorated detail on the fences and columns, the window seals decorated by carvings, the wooden bars and fences of wooden one-storey and two-storey wooden houses. The wooden houses are most often turned with their narrow fronts to the road, and in the back yards the farm buildings of various purposes were located – the barn, the henhouse, the pigsty, the hayloft, the corn baskets etc...

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Arhitectural Heritage Days

Every year in second week of September, Krapje celebrates Arhitectural Heritage Days. This event transforms entire village in old times with rich cultural and amusement program.

The Feast of St. Anthony

The village Krapje celebrates each 13th June every year the “Antunovo”, the feast day of its patron saint, St. Anthony of Padua!


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You may reach Krapje from Popovača, Kutina or Novska in which you have main exits onto the highway.


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